Drip. Drop. Drips drop

Down the broken ceiling

The drowning turtle tells me

He came here for some healing

Broken eyes, reversed smile

Fossilised by time


Lightning stroke my house, my dear

It broke my house, it broke my home

Lightning stroke my shield, my dear

My rooftop started crying


Drip. Drop. Drips drop

Drumming on the floor

I will not cry, I do not cry

At least not anymore

Time and time again

I will sweep and sweep my floor


I will just take a break, my dear

Away from home I find some shelter

That is why I am here, my dear

To find some pease and quiet


I told the drowning turtle

Reversed as is your smile

Away from home sounds like home

But he went back after a while

Because he stopped crying

And his rooftop never will


It is his house, it is his home

He is unhappy, but never alone

Despite the pain

He will sweep and sweep again